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The one where I talked about Bracketing

I probably read more blogs and comments about photography on a daily basis than I write.  This might be a blessing in disguise for my reader(s) who would either like to hear someone rail against the trends, or foretell of the next best thing.  I don't use that space for either very much. Generally I use the time and screen for either sharing a photo that I took where I applied some new learning or to convince myself that hosting a blog is going to benefit my attempts to make photography more than my escape.

All that brings us to tonight's topic:  Bracketing and then processing with multiple frames.  I will be honest in saying that I haven't done any bracketing work except to find the best exposure, focus or flash for a particular subject and delete the rest. 

Oak Creek near Sedona - 5 Exposure composite from P7000 and processed with Photomatix Light

Recently I picked up a Nikon P7000 as a smaller camera to take with me on those quick trips out the door, and when I travel for my day job.  I always want to bring the D300 with me, but then what lens was I going to pick and I want to carry all my bags on... and it goes from there.  So Far the P7000 has done nicely with the niche I wanted to fill.  There are better small body cameras out there, but for the price I think I have done pretty well.

So one of the features of the P7000 is a bracketing setup where you can pick either 3 or 5 exposures and then either use Shutter, ISO, or White Balance to create your set.  You can also pick whether your intervals are 1 Stop, .7 or .3.  

The Lego "Dune Hopper" series that Peyton and I put together today. 5 Exposures -2,-1,0,+1, +2

For the two examples here I used the "TV" (Shutter Speed)  bracketing mode on the camera.  I chose the 5 exposure mode and kept it at 1 Stop increments.  I had the camera on a hard surface in both instances and no tripod (mistake but you use what you got).  Then I combined those frames using Photomatix Light using the tone mapping mode for the shot in Sedona and Exposure Fusion for the Lego Trike.  I have not found my flow yet with tone mapping and it looked like crap on the Lego model.  The reflections and color in the rock formations definitely benefitted from it.

All this is free to download for try before you buy, and I highly suggest that.  In fact I love software makers who put their versions out there first and let you decide the value.

From the first few experiments I think it will benefit some of my landscapes in general because the overall benefits are definitely more apparent.  The next subjects will likely be some of the downtown buildings, and night shots that I see from the photographers like Trey Ratcliff, and others.

 Alright its 11pm on a Sunday - time to get back to my day job.  Thanks for stopping in.

Virtual Copies of my view

I got to kick back and camp this weekend for Father's day.  First thing is that we camp about once a year, and its nothing close to primitive - but its a ton of fun with our friends and their kids.  

Now to the photo part.  On the way home we drove almost the entire length of the Mogollon Rim near Payson, AZ.  Great views to be had here (Forest Road #300 for those looking for a trip soon), and it had been a couple of years since we had been there.  

Two versions of the same view for this one. I used the Virtual Copy option in Lightroom  Although it rarely happens, you can critique or vote on the treatment you like best.



And then the virtual copy in B&W...



Here's hoping that the weekend brought you some great places to stop and take a few pictures on your way home.   Till the next time. 

Childrens Museum Motion Study

Adventure Saturday took us to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  Its a great place families, and we love taking Peyton there when we get the chance.  Today we were watching a friend's daughter as well and were in the area, so that's where we went.  I used the chance to do some motion study with the camera.

For your consideration - The PVC tube of air pushing the ping pong ball.

50mm f2.0, ISO 1600, 1/500th

















Follow that up with the Rube Goldberg Ball Machine where the balls track around the room making bells and in this case keys move and jingle.  Its really some hours of fun there and a great resource for the community. 

50mm f1.8, ISO 3200 1/1000th


I need to get back to my portrait exercises soon, and I think I have a couple of friends who are going to help me out with that.  More on that adventure next time. 

Thanks for checking in. bjones


Fountain Hills Rotary Splash Pad

A kids birthday party at a location we have been to before.  Kids don't want to pose for art so I frame a blasting fountain, bucket drop, two spraying tubes, and a random snake's head into the shot.  lots of freeze action goodness.

A Day In the Fresh Air

I have been working my day job like a fiend lately.  I came close to 70 hours this week, and frankly I haven't seen the outside of my office much, and am tan only from the glow of my laptop LCD screen.  That's what end of the quarter is like.

But enough of that noise - today was Adventure Saturday. We decided to get me out of the house, and on some trails with my camera.  Weekends have become the only day where I am really shooting with some seriousness.  I could still do a 365 project, but the pictures would come from Saturdays and Sundays.

Stop 1: Dreamy Draw Recreational Area:Ocotillo have really sharp thorns that can be hidden by leaves, but man can they leave a mark.

Lots of blooming Ocotillo along the trail and its amazing how something with nearly dagger-like thorns can be so pretty at the same time.  I hiked one of the trails around the west side of the park, and then up and over some of the smaller hills.  Midday sun and the water I left back at the car didn't help, but I got some great pictures which you can click on over in the Flickr feed on the site.

Next Stop: Mexican food place to re-energize and let my wife watch the Bulter Univeristy Bulldogs upset Florida in OT no less.

 Last Stop of the day: Cave Creek Recreational Area around sunset.

 Looking up at the Go John Trail. I made it up to the lookover to the back side; Going back soonWe hiked the Go John trail tonight, and I think I could have done the whole 5.8 miles if I had more light and water.  They run trail rides through here as well.  I think my 4yr old booked himself a trip soon with the folks we passed on the way up.  I live less than 5 miles from this park, and this is the first time I have spent any amount of time there.

Find a spot in your town where you haven't been in awhile. 

Thanks for dropping by.