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A Day In the Fresh Air

I have been working my day job like a fiend lately.  I came close to 70 hours this week, and frankly I haven't seen the outside of my office much, and am tan only from the glow of my laptop LCD screen.  That's what end of the quarter is like.

But enough of that noise - today was Adventure Saturday. We decided to get me out of the house, and on some trails with my camera.  Weekends have become the only day where I am really shooting with some seriousness.  I could still do a 365 project, but the pictures would come from Saturdays and Sundays.

Stop 1: Dreamy Draw Recreational Area:Ocotillo have really sharp thorns that can be hidden by leaves, but man can they leave a mark.

Lots of blooming Ocotillo along the trail and its amazing how something with nearly dagger-like thorns can be so pretty at the same time.  I hiked one of the trails around the west side of the park, and then up and over some of the smaller hills.  Midday sun and the water I left back at the car didn't help, but I got some great pictures which you can click on over in the Flickr feed on the site.

Next Stop: Mexican food place to re-energize and let my wife watch the Bulter Univeristy Bulldogs upset Florida in OT no less.

 Last Stop of the day: Cave Creek Recreational Area around sunset.

 Looking up at the Go John Trail. I made it up to the lookover to the back side; Going back soonWe hiked the Go John trail tonight, and I think I could have done the whole 5.8 miles if I had more light and water.  They run trail rides through here as well.  I think my 4yr old booked himself a trip soon with the folks we passed on the way up.  I live less than 5 miles from this park, and this is the first time I have spent any amount of time there.

Find a spot in your town where you haven't been in awhile. 

Thanks for dropping by.